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Quellenkritische Untersuchung zu Thomas Manns "Der Erwählte"

Author Janine RUFENER
Director of thesis Prof. Dr. Michael Stolz
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

Thomas Mann’s ‹Der Erwählte› is based on Hartmann’s von Aue ‹Gregorius›. Yet Mann was not proficient in Middle High German and didn’t have full access to his main source. Marga Noeggerath-Bauer, who was at that time assistant to the Swiss professor Samuel Singer, provided a translation in prose exclusively for Mann. The unique and hitherto unpublished translation is accessible only in the archives of the Thomas-Mann-Archiv in Zurich. The study of the translation reveals that Thomas Mann followed it very closely: at some point he copied certain terms or he replaced them with synonyms or paraphrases. Taken as a whole, he seemed to be influenced by the translation. Nevertheless he seemed to feel the need to fill certain cognitive gaps and explained some parts in an alternative, more plausible way.


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